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WW1 Hilda Mary Steele

Hilda Steele, a nurse in World War One, was included as the only Kiwi nurse in an Australian television programme, ANZAC Girls, in 2014. 

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WW1 Norman James Beattie

Norman James Beattie When World War One broke out in 1914.

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WW1 Harold Gordon Allen killed at Gallipoli

Harold Gordon Allen was born on 29 July 1893 in Liverpool, England to George and Lucy Allen.

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WW1 Tragedy Of A Remuera Family – Harold John Stilton

Harold was the youngest son of John and Fanny Stilton of Remuera, born in 1892.

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John Dixon Antiques — History and Antiques Roadshow

Mary and David Dixon from John Dixon Antiques, 488 Remuera Road, joined with Terry Sutcliffe and members of Remuera Heritage for an evening of talking about everyone’s treasures.

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New Zealand’s Connection with the Titanic

Officially, there were no New Zealanders on the RMS Titanic the night it struck an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean on April 14th 1912.

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Remuera Sports Quiz 2011

Remuera has long been well known for its many sporting activities and sports people from the 19th century to date - take the quiz!

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Saint Walked The Streets Of Remuera

On 17 October 2010, the Catholic Church recognised Mary MacKillop as a Saint.

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Thomas Cheeseman

On the evening of 22nd September Dr. Brian Gill, a curator at Auckland Museum, gave a talk...

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