Memorial Seat on Ōhinerau Mt Hobson

Mt Hobson Memorial Seat 1 (Carlyon Morrow NZ History)

Mt Hobson Memorial Seat 2 (Carlyon Morrow NZHistory)

In 1948 members of the Remuera Garden Club began gathering daffodil bulbs for a mass planting on Ōhinerau in memory of the boys from Remuera who played on the mountain maunga and lost their lives in World War I and II.

A memorial seat was then constructed in June 1958 opposite the daffodils so that families could enjoy them on their visits to the mountain at daffodil-flowering time.  Mrs H H Corbin who came up with the idea, donated the stone for the seat. The relatives of those who served and died then raised £250 for the seat, surrounding paving and a brass plaque. The plaque set into the seat reads “This seat was given by residents of Remuera in memory of boys who played on the slopes of the mountain and who made the supreme sacrifice in World War II.” Rosemary for remembrance was planted around the seat. [1,2] The daffodil remembrance field is preserved as a living memorial today. Further planting of 1800 bulbs was done by 30 children from Remuera Intermediate in 2016. [3]