The Backlash Against Heritage

Yes we should be worried about the backlash against heritage buildings – read the article published in PHANZA, Professional Historians Association of NZ/ Aotearoa about the government’s apparent reversal in attitude to built heritage and the implications it will have on our built environment, especially in Remuera.

Phanzine: Newsletter of the Professional Historians’ Association of New Zealand /Aotearoa Vol. 27, No. 2, August 2021, page 17.

The country is facing dramatic changes where the push for intensification is taking aim at heritage buildings and suburbs. Auckland residents will need to rely on our Council’s determination to retain and protect its valued and character laden inner-city suburbs. The National Policy Statement on Urban Development is threatening to downgrade and belittle this legacy of our past. And no! it’s not a fight between NIMBYS and millennials, it’s about retaining an invaluable asset – the character of Auckland and Remuera and every other NZ city.