Remuera’s Century-Old Homes Campaign

"The home beautiful", 1914 1. the residence of the Hon. J.A. Tole, K.C., Remuera. 2. "Enniscorthy," Epsom, the residence of Mr J.T. Buxton. 3. "Rocklands," Epsom, the residence of Mr. Geo Dunnett. 4. "Killbryde," Parnell, the home of the late Sir John Logan Campbell. 5. "bramcote," Epsom, the residence of Mrs. Hellaby. 6. "Capri," Remuera, the residence of Mr. Geo. Elliot (President of Auckland Exhibition). 7. "Kenilworth," Epsom, Mr. W. Elliot's residence. 8. "Omana," Epsom, the home of Mr. J.J. Craig. 9. "Atanga," Remuera, Mr. J.C. Spedding's residence.(Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections AWNS-19140108-49-1)

‘Remuera’s Century-Old Homes’ is an exciting new campaign developed by Remuera Heritage to capture and share the stories of some of Remuera’s many historic homes.  We have identified 15 residences that have a special place in our built heritage, where the house and/or its people have made a meaningful contribution to the story of Remuera, Auckland and in some cases New Zealand.

Remuera’s built heritage is intrinsic to its unique character and sense of place. This heritage continues to be at risk owing to intensification and Unitary Plan zoning with many of our remaining historic standalone homes (sometimes still on properties set back from site boundaries with landscaped gardens) under ongoing threat. With the help of a heritage consultant we are are seeking to research and tell the stories of our century-old homes.

The purpose of this campaign is to expand our knowledge and appreciation of these beautiful heritage buildings and help raise awareness of them so they can be better protected.

We are seeking story sponsors. Each heritage home story is $1500.

The stories are intended to be narratives only, and will not be evaluations. The research will capture the life of a home from subdivision to landmark, alongside the stories of owners and occupants through the decades, into the mid-twentieth century. Many of the pillars of early Auckland government, business and society lived in Remuera.

This project will be beneficial to your community, and stories you fund will be acknowledged and/or branded with your company’s logo; you will receive corporate membership of Remuera Heritage; and will get to express your social investment in Remuera.

We wish to acknowledge sponsorships received to date from:

  • Megan Jaffe, Megan Jaffe Real Estate Limited
  • The Ohinerangi Charitable Trust

Donations can be made to: ANZ Account number: 06 0257 0198761 00. Please include your name and “C-O-H donation” as a reference.

If you would like to contribute or learn more please please contact us at