Alderton House

The Alderton family moved to Remuera about 1905 to 17 Remuera Road (now 101 Remuera Road).

Alderton house was relocated to Huapai and then to 12 Downer Access Road, Kaukapakapa where it has been renovated in 2017.

Trevor Alderton was born on 5 January 1894 in Whangarei, Northland, the son of Ida and George Edwin Alderton. George Alderton, often called the founder of modern Kerikeri, was a newspaper proprietor and editor, orchardist, and land agent, founding the Northern Advocate and the North Auckland Land Development Corporation.

Trevor qualified for his Royal Aero Club’s Certificate on the 6th August 1917 at the Walsh Brothers’ Flying School in Mission Bay and was called up in the 11th ballot on 12 October 1917. Trevor was killed in a flying accident on 16th June 1918 while training in England. You can read more here.

George Alderton, land agent, was recorded in Cleaves street directory as residing at 17 Remuera Road in 1920 but not in 1927.