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Auckland should be properly planned to keep its special character and natural beauty, for all our communities.  No more regressive demolitions!  Support the Character Coalition & Remuera Heritage by donating to Givealittle. Have your say with the council by 9th May 2022

With bi-partisan support, and little allowance for submissions, the Government passed the Resource Management (Housing) Amendment Act in December 2021. This will see three dwellings of three-storey development on all residential land throughout Auckland, except on properties Auckland Council say are covered by a “qualifying matter.” This may include areas already protected in the Unitary Plan because of their special character.

Even though Auckland Council, with significant public input, had already defined Special Character Areas in the Unitary Plan in 2016, and despite record intensification already exceeding expectations, the Act required Council to review these areas. With no legal requirement to do so, Council now proposes that up to a third of homes in Special Character Areas will no longer qualify. This will result in their destruction.

Unless Aucklanders take action, developers will inevitably build in these areas to the maximum height and bulk with bare minimum design standards. There is no incentive or requirement to do otherwise. The intrinsic qualities of these urban environments and collective actions of generations of Aucklanders, will be lost forever.

Character Coalition, representing more than 60 Auckland organisations will make the most robust expert case possible and participate fully in the planning process. We’re working with lawyers, architects, planners and resource consent professionals to defend Auckland from this devastating new law.

Use of funds

All funds will engage with lawyers, architects, planners and resource consent professionals for the most effective participation in the planning process. Every dollar allows action, the greater the amount raised, the more effective we will be. As the planning process extends, more funds may be needed.

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Gutting to See Large Areas on the Chopping Block for Destruction   22 April 2022

In this article by NZ Herald’s Super City Reporter, Bernard Orsman outlines how “nearly one in four of Auckland’s historic villas and bungalows could be rezoned for high-density housing under draft plans released by Auckland Council [19 April].” …

“Council’s chief of strategy Megan Tyler said the council is trying to balance new directions from the Government for intensification against people’s desire to keep the city’s special character and values.” …

“Auckland mayor Phil Goff has backed the Government’s objective of building more houses more quickly, but pointed out new building consents are running at record numbers and Aucklanders want to keep the best of the city’s heritage and character.” …

“[Character Coalition spokeswoman Sally Hughes said], ‘if there’s one thing Auckland Council knows already, it’s that Aucklanders love their city and nobody walks in and steals it without encountering a strong defence’.”

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