Street Names Of Remuera

What's in a name?

  • Rangitoto Avenue
    A volcanic cone, which used to stand south of the Orakei Basin, had this name and was later known as Little Rangitoto, but more properly was Maungarahiri. The peak here has long gone, having been quarried away. This Avenue was once called Oxford Street.
  • Burwood Crescent
    Named after a former home of Thomas Morrin, who owned land at the foot of Victoria Avenue known as Christmas Point.
  • Benson Road
    George Benson was a very early landholder, first buying in 1841. It was called Russell Rd until 1917, probably after Thomas Russell, leader of Auckland’s business community in the latter part of the 19th century.
  • Lucerne Road
    With its lower level reaching around the shores of the Orakei Basin, the waters of which have a lake-like appearance when the tide is in, the name was doubtless inspired by the Swiss lake of the same name.
  • Monteith Crescent
    Much of the land in this area was Anglican Church property and thus many streets carry the names of clergy. Among other positions, the Very Rev George Rae Monteith was curate at St. Matthew’s 1928-1929, Vicar of St. Barnabas’ in Mt. Eden from 1937 to 1949, and Auckland’s Assistant Bishop from 1965 to 1976. (As extracted from John Davenport’s 1990 book “Street Names of Auckland”).
  • 1844 Tamaki Road became Remuera Road from 1875
  • Wren’s Lane became Ridings Road
  • Clark’s Road became Portland Road
  • Larkin’s Lane became Combes Road
  • Temperance Terrace  1870 > Seddon Road 1917 became St Vincent Avenue from 1941
  • Part Hobson Street became Victoria Avenue from 1922
  • Brighton Road > Bassett Road after Cyril Bassett NZ’s only VC winner at Gallipoli from 1917
  • The Green Road was home to Alfred Buckland’s livestock market saleyards, hence the name Market Road from 1887
  • Cutler’s Road > Mountain Road became Upland Road from 1932

Your street not here? You can undertake further research on the origin of your street by searching the Council’s Auckland Street Names directory.