Remuera Trams

Remuera is an example of the commercial & community centre of one of Auckland’s traditional tram suburbs. 
Tram suburbs developed throughout much of the Auckland Isthmus from the early 1900s through to the 1950s. The tram was introduced to the Remuera shops in 1904, extended to Greenlane Road in 1906, to Upland Road in 1913, including a branch down Victoria Avenue , with the final extension to Meadowbank in 1930. The trams were replaced by buses in about 1956.

Graham Stewart photographed many trams in the 1950s which are included in his book Around Auckland by tram in the 1950s.
 Photography and text by Graham Stewart. Grantham House | 1996. Available at Auckland Libraries Central Auckland Research Centre (Central City Library) (388.46 S84).