Remuera Fire Station and the Village Green

Remuera Fire Station

Remuera Fire Station 1928 [2]

Remuera fire station and fire brigade [3]

Remuera Fire Station Crew [4]

Remuera Fire Station 1926 [5]

Remuera Fire Station 2008 [6]

The area currently known as The Village Green was originally a works depot for the Remuera Road Board, and later for the Auckland City Council. The brick buildings were probably constructed around 1902, and are still standing.

By the time the Remuera Road Board amalgamated with Auckland City Council in 1915, there was a fire station occupying the centre building, with a loft above. The Remuera Road Board had purchased a 50 foot tower and fire bell in September 1913 and the Remuera Volunteer Fire Brigade was established, probably in 1914. The photograph above shows an Auckland Fire Brigade 1914 Kissel Kar in what is now the Village Green. It is likely this photo dates to 1915, given that the Kissel Kar dates to 1914 and Remuera did not join the Auckland Fire Board until 1915. The same Kissel Kar can be seen in the photo, taken in the early 1920’s outside the new Remuera Fire Brigade Station built at 291 Remuera Road in 1916.

This building was demolished in 1926 and another new Remuera Fire Station built in the same location. This building was also demolished to make way for a fourth new Remuera Fire Station, which is still in operation today. While its life as a Fire Station seems to have been short, the buildings in the Village Green continued to be used as an Auckland City Council works depot. By the later part of the 20th century, it was semi-derelict. A proposal in the 1970’s to demolish the buildings and construct a shopping mall faced public opposition and was eventually abandoned. The original Fire Station buildings in the Village Green have been home to Poppies Books until early 2018 and The Sitting Room.

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