Bank of New Zealand Remuera

Shooting in an Auckland Bank

The Bank of New Zealand

The Bank of New Zealand first opened in Remuera in 1929 in Skelton’s Building at 339-345 Remuera Road.

In 1931 a man entered the BNZ premises, demanded money from the manager, who grabbed a revolver and shot the assailant dead on the pavement outside. After the robbery, counter grilles were fitted in 1932.

311 Remuera Rd

BNZ 311 Remuera Rd 1948 – BNZ Archives

In 1948 the BNZ moved to the corner of Norana Avenue and Remuera Rd. It occupied this site from 1948 to 1970. Banque restaurant, opened in 2006, was named after its former banking occupant.

Remuera building 1977

It then moved to 371-373 Remuera Rd until 1988, when it moved across the road to its present location at The Gables, 338 Remuera Road.

Damaged wall after attempted burglary of BNZ

There was another attempted robbery on the BNZ at 371 Remuera Rd in 1975 when a stick of gelignite was inserted into the thick brick wall between Anderson’s Garage and the Bank of New Zealand and exploded causing minor damage. However the gelignite had been badly packed and had backfired on the thieves. Rubble was scattered over the workshop floor but the hole made was no more than a few inches deep. A neighbour had seen a red car, possibly a Monaro, in a dirty condition being driven off by two men. It is unclear whether the police ever found the car and the men.

BNZ Remuera Premises Card 1929

BNZ Remuera Rd