Auckland Essay

Americas Cup 2000 Team NZ

by Guysen Lang, age 11 years.

1840 is when all the buildings and incomings of the British started, and when the treaty was signed on that fateful Waitangi day that changed the Maoris’ life forever, the day that Captain James Cook crossed the line and retrieved their land. During the 1840’s other British people started coming and living on NZ as well because they heard of Captain Cook’s arrival on a new land, most of the people were immigrants and wanted to live other places and so NZ was their choice.

Some say the Maori came from the place called Papua Guinea because of it’s place and that not many people are there now since they took big cargo boats and transport boats to go to the new island NZ, when they first saw it they called it the land of the long white cloud because of it’s shape and they believed that there is a story telling of it in Maori called “Maui and the giant fish” which is a story about a boy named Maui and he goes fishing with his big brothers not to touch it or cut it but when he comes back to his surprise he finds his brothers have touched it, they have cut it and the cuts have turned to mountains and valleys of the North island which the South island is Maui’s boat.

During the 1850’s technology became to enhance and the capital moved from Auckland to Wellington, also in the 1850’s the City Council was established. While in the 1860’s they started to have better houses like the black and white houses and they started to make roads for bikies and motorists, gas street lights were made as well. Throughout the years, more and more people kept on coming and the World War I started which caused havoc but soon it ended until World War 2 in 1942-1944.



Further on in 1993 the solar car races started (and I think the America’s Cup started too). In 2000 the millennium started and everyone started celebrating because it was after a millennium, which rarely happens (only after 1000 years) and since it was a special time of the year it was held everywhere in NZ, from the tip of the North island to the bottom of Stewart island, everyone celebrated in NZ (I’m not sure about other countries).

In 2003 there was the America’s Cup racing but NZ lost against Switzerland out of nine races because we had many problems with our boat and at the beginning our mast broke also Russel Coutts from our American’s Cup team joined the opposition because we were losing and also because Sir Peter Blake died the NZ’s best crew captain that won the America’s Cup in 2000.

In 2004 there was a re-election of Mayor in Auckland and I think John Banks or Dick Hubbard won the election of Mayor and the Olympics were held as well in Greece, Athens also the NZ Sarah Ulmer won the Gold medal at cycling and broke the world record of cycling.

In 2005, there is nothing much to say except for “better technology?”