4 Victoria Avenue

Remuera Heritage News

Sue Cooper and Iain Valentine of the Remuera Residents Association presented to the Orakei Local Board on 19 April 2018 about the need for a community centre in Remuera.

A previous report assessing community needs had vastly misrepresented the population of Remuera as being only 3,627, when in reality it is about 28,000. Remuera needs a community centre to service its diverse community needs with a focus on the town centre and the library. The council has only 2 community facilities in Remuera – the Remuera Library and 4 Victoria Avenue which houses the CAB and Plunket. There are no rooms available for hire at the current facility at 4 Victoria Avenue, the future of which is very uncertain.

Remuera is a substantial size district with a diverse population of 28,000. It has a large long-established town centre. There is a need to service a large area with a growing diverse community, focused on the town centre. Proceeds from any sale of Victoria Avenue should be reinvested in the Remuera community – in a Remuera community centre in the Remuera town centre.

Our recommendations were:

  • Keep 4 Victoria Avenue and redevelop
  • If 4 Victoria Avenue is sold, reinvest the funds in Remuera town centre with a community centre, near the library – create a community heart for Remuera
  • Set up a community liaison group about the redevelopment of 4 Victoria Avenue