Win with Words Winner – Marley Cowlard of Remuera Intermediate

Marley Cowlard winner of Remuera Heritage Award

Win with Words 2015

A snippet from Marley Cowlard’s (Remuera Intermediate School) story On to the Battlefield which won the Remuera Heritage award at Remuera Library’s Win with Words competition.

I turn, racing to find my partner. I only see figures, through a hazy mess of smoke. Bodies seem to fall and a foul stench seeps through the air. My eyes water and I struggle for breath. A loud explosion startles me and the sky is lit up. Warm scarlet pours from my leg and pain shocks my body.

I hear a shout and know instantly, “Oh boy, what did they do to you?’ My partner’s voice is loud and clear as the throb of pain shatters me again. He covers my paws and salty water falls onto my nose. ‘You were the best dog ever, and I love you always.’ His words sink in and with all my strength, I let out a small yelp. My life flashes before me and in all my memories he is there, my partner, my best friend.

The annual writing competition for students in Years 7 & 8 is sponsored by Westpac Remuera, Orakei Local Board, New World Remuera, Remuera Library and Remuera Heritage and was held at the Remuera Library on 6th August 2015.