The Village Green (formerly the Stables), 415 Remuera Road, Remuera

Remuera's Village Green, 415 Remuera Road, was upgraded in 2012

Showing firemen on a Kissell fire engine outside the Remuera Fire Station, c.1915. This is the earliest known photograph that shows parts of the subject building.

Before the development of 1050, there was the historic Village Green, formerly known as the ‘Stables’. Introducing the must-download PDF document: “SUMMARY OF FINDINGS: Village Green (formerly the ‘Stables’)”.

This summary offers a deep dive into the latest research findings, including a compelling conclusion regarding the origins of the heritage buildings. The study aimed to determine whether the structures predated 1900, and while evidence of earlier origins remains elusive, fascinating discoveries have been made. The portion of land where the Stables and the fire station were built was formerly owned by Frank Buckland who built a grand two-storey residence called “Araroa” in about 1875.

According to the comprehensive research presented, the most probable construction period for the council buildings is pinpointed to 1912-13. Initially erected for the Remuera Road Board, including a fire station and store, the structures were later adapted, possibly serving as stables from around 1918. Despite subsequent modifications to accommodate different purposes, the buildings retained their identity as the ‘former Stables’, a testament to their rich history.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to delve into our community’s heritage and contribute to its preservation. Click the link below to access the PDF summary and embark on a journey through time with us.

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