Remuera Heritage Walks for Auckland Heritage Festival – come to a talk Sunday 1st October 2023 at 4pm

Join us at the Auckland Heritage Festival 2023

Remuera Heritage Walk 1 Map

Remuera Heritage Walk 1 QR Codes

Remuera Heritage Walk 2 Map

Remuera Heritage Walk 2 QR Codes

Remuera Heritage Walk 3 Map

Remuera Heritage Walk 3 QR Codes

Love’s labour’s lost: heritage walks in Remuera

Remuera Heritage has created three heritage walks aimed at teaching children and their whanau about their neighbourhood. The walks encourage locals to look at the many beautiful heritage homes, gardens, trees, shops, churches and maunga of this historic suburb and can be used by parents, teachers and children to become more familiar with their surroundings.

We aim to celebrate Remuera while acknowledging our lost heritage, examples of which are included in the walks, emphasising the many homes and structures lost due to fire, development, demolition, neglect and removal.

Each map is double-sided with a map and brief descriptions on the front and photographs, website links and QR Codes to scan to the website on the reverse.

The QR codes make it easy to access the information on your mobile phone when out walking, and fun for the children on the walk who love using technology.
Hold your phone over the QR Code and press the camera app.

Colour coding helps identify the feature – be it a garden, house or shop.

The Heritage Walking Maps will be sent to more than a dozen local Primary and Intermediate schools in the greater Remuera area – over 4,500 students.
See the links provided below to enable staff and students to download the maps.

There is a talk on Sunday 1st October 2023 from 4-5 pm at the Remuera Library to discover and explore the maps.

Three walks

Walk 1 – Starts at the top of Ohinerau/Mt Hobson and finishes at the Remuera Railway Station via Remuera Road and Remuera Primary School

→ Download Walk 1 PDF here

Walk 2 – Starts at Market Road and heads towards Remuera Shops finishing at St Paul’s Church on St Vincent Avenue

→ Download Walk 2 PDF here

Walk 3 – Starts at Guisnes Court, 532 Remuera Road, through the Upland Road Village and finishes at Orakei Basin

→ Download Walk 3 PDF here

We would love to receive any feedback and/or photographs of you enjoying the walks to load onto our website. Please send them to our Remuera Heritage email address – – and confirm if you are ok for us to publish them on the Remuera Heritage website.

Our acknowledgement goes to Tony Batistich and Anthony Washer for helping with the content and graphic design of the maps.

You can also view our event on the Auckland Heritage Festival website.