Planning Committee Agrees to Schedule More Notable Trees

The Tree Council settled, with an out-of-court agreement with Auckland Council, their judicial review of Auckland Council’s November 2020 decision not to allocate any resources to the management of Schedule 10 (Notable Trees).

The Tree Council welcomes the recent Auckland Council Planning Committee’s decision to put forward additional trees to be added to Schedule 10 (Notable Trees) in the upcoming notification of the August 2022 Unitary Plan change.

In addition the Committee recognised that work will continue to process further trees that have been nominated and noted that 125 nominations have been received from the public since November 2020.

The Tree Council calls on the public to let them know where the large and special trees are on private land in Auckland, so that we can get them assessed and nominate them for inclusion in future plan changes.

It is essential that we identify and assess these special trees now as they are so highly threatened by the urban intensification that will be accelerating over the next few years across the region.

If you would like to propose trees for assessment for scheduling please visit The Tree Council website at and complete the online form. They will do the work of completing the nomination forms for all those trees likely to qualify and pass them onto Auckland Council for processing.

The Tree Council has incurred significant costs in taking legal action to enable these decisions to be made and we would like to thank all those who have made donations to support this work. They welcome further donations, which can be made via their website.