Plan Change 31

Remuera Post Office, 2020

Remuera Primary School War Memorial Gates. 2020.

Upland Road Shops. 2020.

37 Portland Road, Remuera. 2018.

Auckland Council’s decision following the hearing of a Plan Modification to the Auckland Unitary Plan under the Resource Management Act 1991.

The following Remuera historic heritage places are to be added to Schedule 14.1:

  • Remuera Post Office (former), ID 02838 – subject to amended list of exclusions and extent of place
  • Remuera Primary School War Memorial Gates, ID 02837.

The following historic heritage area is be added to Schedule 14.1 and 14.2:

  • Upland Village, ID 02841.

The following place WAS NOT be added to Schedule 14.1:

  • Glenholm (37 Portland Road, Remuera).

The owners objected saying very little of Glenholm was original. Legal submissions presented on behalf of the owners sought that Glenholm not be incorporated into Schedule 14, on the basis that the heritage values of the property had not been adequately investigated and did not meet the tests for scheduling set out in the Auckland Unitary Plan.  In particular there had been numerous changes to the exterior of the home over time, the nature of additions and alterations significantly varied from the original structure and Council’s assessment did not appear to take account of the extensive damage by a significant fire in 2004. And, should Glenholm be scheduled in accordance with PC31, this scheduling should exclude the interior, pool and garage (as currently proposed), as well as the roof, verandahs, conservatory, utility rooms (laundry and pantry/larder), link passageway, first floor terrace and other decks.

It was noted that the historic heritage evaluation for Glenholm was based on the research undertaken and information available at the time of its preparation and that lack of access onto the site was identified as a constraint and that there was insufficient rigour and detail to demonstrate that Glenholm meets the criteria for inclusion in Schedule 14.1 of the AUP.

Read the full Decision here: PC31 – Decision Combined with Attachments (1)

PC-31 Documents. 

Glenholm Evaluation Report: glenholm-evaluation


Thank you to the Orakei Local Board for their support for this plan change.