Ohinerau Mt Hobson

View from Mt Hobson

Sue Cooper and Iain Valentine & Jan Bierman of the Remuera Residents Association met members of the Tūpuna Maunga Authority on Ohinerau Mt Hobson last week to learn about the plans for the management of Ohinerau Mt Hobson.

The Tūpuna Maunga Authority, a non-council entity, is made up of 6 members of Auckland Council (incls Kit Parkinson from Orakei Local Board), 6 from Mana Whenua). Plus one representative from the Ministry of Culture & Heritage (non-voting) who administer the 14 Tūpuna Maunga on behalf of the 13 iwi/hapū that own the maunga and the people of Auckland. As part of their many projects, they are working on getting UNESCO recognition for the maunga as a World Heritage site. It operates a co-governance model with Auckland Council.

Capital works include an upgrade of the Ohinerau Mt Hobson track which is in the design phase. The tracks aren’t fit for purpose and are being made to New Zealand track standards for day visitors. A new contractor, Recreational Services, who started recently on 20 November 2017, have the mowing and maintenance contract – work began this week on the mowing of fire breaks on Ohinerau Mt Hobson.

• We said we wish to see the WW2 memorial preserved and enhanced in an appropriate way, including the daffodil remembrance field preserved as a living memorial.

• Information boards need updating and replacing. The one near the WW2 memorial has been removed. A new design guideline is being drafted for the signage.

• Very large piles of rotting wood from a large tree which has fallen over on the northern slope.

• Large areas of weeds on the northern slopes – including ivy.

• The new path towards Newmarket end appears to have no drainage.