Let Auckland Decide!

Let Auckland Decide

Let Auckland Decide:

* Stop the current blanket intensification plans
* Restore Auckland Council’s planning powers
* Direct Kāinga Ora to stop meddling in Auckland planning and get on with building homes on land it owns

Let Auckland Decide!…is a petition to Auckland Members of Parliament and Parliamentary candidates signed by groups representing thousands of Aucklanders who disagree with the Government’s current housing and resource management policies and how they affect Auckland.

The petition opposes Government decisions that have:

1. imposed blanket intensification across Auckland suburbs and centres without proper evaluation of infrastructure and fundability, and without community engagement; and

2. removed planning responsibilities from our elected Council, greatly reducing the opportunity Auckland communities will have in shaping their areas.

The full petition is pictured and available as a PDF here:


Join the cause. Ask your local candidate if they will Let Auckland Decide. Then, please, like this page and share.