Demolition of Wilson’s Jetty – Notice of Works Commencing

Wilson's Beach Demolition, 4-12 October 2021.

Demolition of Wilson’s jetty will be undertaken from 4-12 October 2021.

Auckland Council are preparing to remove the old jetty from Wilson’s Beach. The condition of the jetty has significantly deteriorated, with the timber structure in disrepair and the jetty piles rotten. The Jetty is hazardous and poses a serious safety risk to beach users. This demolition work will be carried out by specialist contractors employing a strict site safety plan and adhering to an approved methodology whilst operating within the coastal marine area. Under permitted works, the construction effects including disturbance of the foreshore will be considered against the standards of F2.21 of the Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP).

Brief history of the jetty
Based on findings, we believe that the jetty was constructed sometime between 1913 and 1918. Photographic evidence suggests that the jetty was built as a modest timber structure on piles, with what appeared to be a single handrail. When comparing the height and configuration of the present-day jetty with earlier images, it appears as if the piles of the original structure were taller and more slender, suggesting that the supporting timbers were shortened or replaced. In such an exposed location, it can be expected that materials would have been replaced over the years. Modern fixings and timber are apparent, suggesting that much of the historic fabric has been replaced. The earliest photographic record showing a jetty in the current location is from 1918.[1]

Cultural Heritage
Due to the level of renewal works undertaken over its lifetime, the jetty is not listed as a scheduled heritage asset under the unitary plan, however it does carry some historic value. Council’s built heritage team will be present during the extraction of the timber piles in the event that any original fabric is uncovered. Any original fabric identified will be carefully removed and retained. Re-purposing of the timber will be considered but this is dependant on the condition of the components and the feasibility of re-use.

How will the works be carried out
The contractor will break down the jetty structure and carry it off the beach by hand or use a small digger to track heavy material from the work area back to the hightide zone.  A rotating grapple attached to a small excavator will be used to remove the piles. At the end of each day material will be loaded on to a 4-wheel truck and removed from site. Track matts will be used to protect the transition onto the beach. All demolition material will be removed from the beach and reinstatement carried out as required. Access to the Hobson Bay coastal walkway and Wilson’s beach access will be maintained.

Interpretive signage
Following the demolition, Council propose installing interpretive signage on site to exhibit the history of the jetty.

Physical works will be carried out by City Care, Graham Forrester, 027 301 5221,
Project Management by Kotahi Projects, Karl McLeod, 027 444 876,
Auckland Council Project Manager, Andrew Case, 021 195 0511,

Work is scheduled to commence on 04 October 2021 and be completed by 12 October 2021.

Please forward this notice to any parties who you think may benefit from receiving this notice.

Local Board Communications advisor to contact the Project Manager if the Local Board would want to arrange a site visit.

If you have any questions about this project, please call or email using the details provided.