Christmas at the old Post Office

It was wet and windy for our Christmas party but thanks to the hospitality of Sotheby’s Remuera, we were warmly hosted inside the old Remuera Post Office, the historic landmark building in Remuera.

The Post Office building is 108 years old and was designed in the Edwardian Baroque style by Claude Paton of the Government Architect’s Office in 1908.

We had a guest piper to brighten the day, 21 year old Finlay John Cameron who is here from Lochaber, Scotland and is a member of the Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band, crowned Champion Band at the World Championships at Glasgow last September. Finlay makes his own pipes from hardwood and cowhorn.

Finlay, a piper from the age of four, is in NZ for the whole summer. Arriving on 1 November 2022, he competed at the Hororata Highland Games 4 days later and was invited to judge the Bands’ contest. Sponsored by the Clan’s Auckland Branch, Finlay will be attending a number of Highland Games including Waipu on New Year’s Day (150th Jubilee) and at Turakina.

Special thanks to Lesley McClelland and Jonathan Sissons of Sotheby’s for hosting Remuera Heritage.

Finlay Cameron Sunday 20th November 2022 outside Sotheby's

Remuera Post Office 1914 Archives NZ 20160202_131413

Remuera Post Office c1914. Photo courtesy of National Bank, Remuera & Remuera Business Assn