Auckland Heritage Festival 2019 — Wilson’s Beach And Jetty

Wilson’s Beach And Jetty

Thursday 10 October 2019
Remuera Library

Wilson’s beach and jetty at the bottom of Victoria Avenue, Remuera has been a local place of transport, sport and recreation for over 100 years. Nearby residents Joseph Liston Wilson (of Wilson & Horton, publisher of the N Z Herald) and Captain Thomas Tilly, R.N. (captain of the Southern Cross of the Melanesian Mission) were involved in the building of the jetty for ferry and boat access to the harbour. Restoration of the beach and the jetty has been a focus of local residents since the sewer line was removed in 2010. Come and hear about the history of Wilsons beach and jetty and plans for the future from Bruce Renshaw, a descendant of Captain Tilly.