Auckland Heritage Counts 2022 report by Auckland Council

Remuera Library 2015

The Heritage Counts programme started in 2018. It involves collecting statistics and research on Auckland’s heritage places to showcase the extent and variety of Auckland’s heritage and the social and economic value these places have.

The research aims to raise awareness of the extent and variety of heritage places and the social and economic benefits they bring.

Auckland Council produces a document summarising this information in October each year.

Auckland has 2,649 protected heritage places. Seven historic heritage places and four historic heritage areas are proposed to be added to the schedule through Plan Change 81 in 2022.

Heritage protection only affects a small amount of Auckland’s land area: 0.47% of Auckland’s land area is protected for its historic heritage values 0.83% of property parcels in Auckland are protected for historic heritage values.

Auckland Council provides detailed, informative guides for 59 heritage trails in Auckland, including Remuera.

There are 95 heritage/historical societies in Auckland!

Heritage attracts visitors to Auckland. Of those domestic visitors who visited Auckland in 2021-22, 22% associated “history/heritage” with Auckland.

  • More people associated Auckland with “history/heritage” than wineries (14%) and walking and hiking (14%).
  • Of those aged over 60, 29% associated Auckland with “history/heritage”.
  • Of Australians who visited Auckland in 2021-22, 33% associated “history/heritage” with Auckland. This is the third highest activity or experience listed by Australian tourists, only below “restaurants, cafes and bars” (43%) and “shopping” (39%).

You can read the whole report and those of previous years here.