An invitation to Remuera Heritage from Parnell Heritage for Sunday April 30th

Parnell Heritage have invited Remuera Heritage to join them at the Parnell Returned Services Club. This will give us the opportunity to view the artefacts which were retrieved from the Remuera RSA Hall on Green Lane East. They were donated to Parnell RSC in 2022 and now hang on their club walls.

The event is at 4.00pm on Sunday 30th April 2023 at the Parnell Returned Services Club at 139 Parnell Rd.  Cheryl Adamson, Parnell Business Association, will give details of ‘What’s up in Parnell…’ and we look forward to enjoying a convivial get-together with you all.  $5 entry fee (cash only) includes one drink and nibbles.

Please RSVP and register your attendance with Sue Andreassen at

There is also an Anzac display at the Remuera Library on the Remuera Returned Services Club which ran from 1932 to 2002.