Auckland Council’s Response to the NPS-UD and MDRS Update, 21 July 2022

At its meeting on 30 June, Council’s Planning Committee resolved to amend the extent of the Special Character Areas Overlay.

In relation to Residential and Special Character Areas Overlay – General by increasing or decreasing the application of the Overlays (while not adding new areas) to respond to:

  1. feedback on council’s preliminary response for the Intensification Planning Instrument
  2. walkable catchments where Special Character Areas – Residential and General have a significant effect on development capacity.

This agreement to amend the extent of Special Character Areas was subject to earlier resolutions that it would only retain “high quality” SCA’s, which it defined as ones in which 75% (if the area is within a walkable catchment) or 66% (if it is not) score 5 or 6 on a scale which it applied to all properties in an SCA.

Following this resolution, Character Coalition retained Jeremy Salmond as our heritage architect. He re-examined a number of areas Council proposed to exclude. Greg McKeown, of the South Epsom Planning Group, assisted him in identifying and mapping sub-areas in each of these areas. Together Salmond and McKeown produced reports showing sub-areas which met the Council’s criteria and which Salmond recommended be added to Council’s proposed areas to retain.

Council has agreed to consider these reports in support of feedback already received. We supplied our reports to them by a “drop-deadline” date of 17 July, and are urging Council to include these expert assessed areas of special character for protection when Council notifies its Plan Change in August.

Character Coalition is very grateful to Jeremy Salmond and Greg McKeown for carrying out this work within the extremely tight timeframe imposed by Council as a result of the legislation.